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Mar 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
tomorrow for the first time in four years. >> nasa's mars rover curiosity has unearthed interesting new findings after drilling into the surface of the red planet. ktvu tells us the reason those findings may prop scientists to stop calling mars the red planet. >> nasa scientists now know that mars shouldn't be called a red planet anymore. the mars rover called curiosity drilled a hole into the planet and discovered what the red rusted exterior was hiding underneath. >> drilling down and hitting a completely different planet, really, a gray planet instead of a red planet was surprising. >> nasa's rover scooped up powdered rock on mars crater. scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon. the key ingredients for life. while evidence hasn't been found, scientists say what's important they found an environment that would have been habitable and suitable for life to exist. >> elements for life seem to be there. most of them, but most importantly, the water was there. water, probably in the form of a mud. >> nasa played a key role in the rover project. parachutes were t
Mar 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the merger. >>> nasa released photos of the obedience and flow craft. i want to show you animation. if you look carefully you'll see shadows appear and disappear. the shadows is from dust kicked up by the collisions. it spent a year flying around the moon to collect data before crashing into the moon. >>> one county is considering banning ecigarettes. the ordinance was introduced this morning and if passed esmokeers would be blocked from lighting up anywhere traditional smoking is prohibited. >> we're tracking rain. >> it's going to linger. there is a lot of moisture streaming off the pacific right now. we're getting light showers here. live camera behind me here, you can see the showers here. what we're seeing here the rain drops are dropping down and we're getting showers. this is what's comeing. look at the area of yellow. that's significant rain fall. showers and light showers right now up by mountain view. over towards hey ward. this is light stuff. now we see stuff up in the hills. i've had r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2